Queen It's A New Day


As of 2020, Over 1700 women have completed the Queen program. But this doesn’t begin to reflect the vibrancy of this 17-year old institution, with women from prior generations of Queen continuing to play a role in helping the Queen experienced their New Day.



What is Queen, It’s A New Day?

Simply known as “Queen,” to the women who go through the program, this is their opportunity to be given the royal treatment by community members who support this twice a year program. Each woman receives an image make-over, an opportunity to connect with their spiritual needs, and also basic skills training in computer programs, interviewing skills, presentation, and communication. Along with a complete work ensemble, the ladies also enjoy a make-up consult and manicure, as well as self-care education.

Our Queens are not just Queens for a day. They become vital parts of our growing community. They are invited to come back and pass on what they have learned through their own journeys – often traveling very difficult roads – to the women that come into the program after them. Whether a Queen is 22 or 102, we see each woman as unique. It is through this diverse multi-generational connection that women are empowered, engaged, and enlightened.

Even after the event, the ladies are encouraged to stay engaged in the program to reinforce the skills learned and pass on what they have received from their participation in the program. Queen is a multi-generational program of empowered women who then opt to share the same empowering message with the next generation.

Our intention is to provide more than just a clean start, but a way to be seen and to feel as strong as they are – this is the mission of Queen, it’s a New Day.

Making sure the outside of each Queen reflects what is going on inside of her.

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A special event for women who are not homeless but transitioning from difficult lives to self-sufficiency. Our Queens have come through alcohol and drug addiction, emotional and physical abuse, PTSD, and mental and physical disabilities to arrive where they are when they join our program.  All Queens must have been clean and sober for 30 days and involved in a recovery program, or some professional help to address their former circumstances.  Our Queens are highly motivated to get on to the next step of their lives, and we are privileged to help them.
Contact Hoff Foundation to participate: 425 512 0749